Weekly Club Session on BCL on Wednesdays at 3pm

The Club is continuing to hold a friendly weekly tournament on BCL every Wednesday at 3pm. This is open to all club members and guests (by arrangement). The joining instuctions for this are below. Weekly results can be found on the St Ives Bridgewebs site at: https://www.bridgewebs.com/stives/

Joining instructions

You must be a FULL member of BCL (not just a social member). You must then ensure that you are registered as a member of Carbis Bay f2f club. If you are registered somewhere else (e.g. St Ives) you must first switch your membership (this can be switched back when necessary). You do this from the BCL Home page by going to the MEMBERS tab and choosing CLUBS from the dropdown menu. From the list of clubs on the right hand side click on Carbis Bay Bridge Club. Then click on the blue HERE link to register.

1. Now you are on the Carbis Bay f2f club page and you can scroll down to where it says "F2F Online Club Session" and then click on the green "Play Bridge" button

2. The green welcome screen will appear and you click on "Enter your F2F Club Rooms"

3. This will take you to the virtual club rooms section where you will see a room entitled CARBAY. This will be greyed out until 3pm, when it will turn blue and you can click on it to enter the room

4. When you enter the room, one of you needs to click on the "start a table" link .at the top of the page, then click on a position and wait for your partner to join you. Look first to see if your partner is already sat at a table, and if they are, click on the seat opposite them

5. If you have not yet agreed an SSD, one partner (usually the partner sat in the North seat) needs to click on the SSD button on the top right of the screen and fill in the SSD form and submit it to their partner who then needs to accept it.

6. Now you are all set and at 3.20 the computer will start the play. You may need to press the ready button.

Notes: If play is slow at another table you may find that you are in limbo for a while waiting for the next board. Please just be patient. The computer will move you for the next round eventually. Try to avoid slow play so that others are not kept waiting. If for any reason you are thrown off the table or your internet goes down, do not panic, just get back onto the site/table and the BCL computer will reinstate you. If the server asks if you are still there just press "Refresh"

Don't forget that if you haven't played a tourney on BCL with today's partner before you MUST have agreed a SSD before play commences. Please try to avoid slow play because this causes long waits between rounds for some. Please don't use chat to discuss the previous hand, move on immediately to the next