Playing on Bridge Club Live

To play on BCL you have to have a paid subscription but once you subscribe all games are free. To see the different subscriptions available go to:

STOP PRESS - EBU members can now get a 50 day free trial membership to BCL by using this link:

On BCL you can just play games with random other members in the Social Room or you can play more competively in a DIDO (Drop In Drop Out) tournament (see : ) in the Daily MPS room. There are also regular competitions organised by the EBU. For some of the tournaments on BCL you can earn Masterpoints.

You can also play with a pre aranged partner against two random BCL members or as a pre arranged foursome. For how to do this see seperate tab. Other useful features include the Teams of Four room and the Coaching Corner (also seperately described)

To get the hang of how things work you can spectate first. Chose a room other than the lobby, click on that room and a list of tables appears Click on the blue eye symbol next to the table number of your choice and click on one of the N,E, S or W players . You can then watch the four players at the table.

NOTE: If you want to play by partnering another random BCL member you want to make sure that they are playing a compatible system as a number of overseas player will be playing Standard American Yellow Card (SAYC) where they play 5 Card Majors and a Strong NT (or some other system). The best way to avoid this is to look for someone already sitting at a table waiting for a partner and click on their alias. This will show you their profile and the system they are playing.