Playing with Robots on BBO

A really useful facility available on BBO is the ability to play with "Robots". This simply means that where any of the playing positions are designated as a "Robot", this player's hand is played by the BBO computer.

This is very useful, both for familiarising yourself with the BBO interface before playing competitively and also for playing with a partner against two robot opponents.

When you take this latter option you are able to analyse the bidding and the play after playing each hand before moving on to the next. This is a great learning tool. In this mode you are not dropped off the table for slow play, so you can take your time over reviewing the hand in detail if you wish to.

Note: Whilst playing casual games with 4 players is free on BBO, if you want to use robots the site makes a small charge. You are charged $1 per day for playing with robots, but this is for an unlimited number of games. Therefore if you want to take advantage of this option you have to first buy some BB$. This is simple to do. On the home screen you will see a button labelled "BB$", if you click on this it will take you to a screen where you can add some dollars using either your Credit Card or PayPal. The minimum is $10 ( appx £8). Your card will automatically convert the dollar charge to sterling.

Here is how you set up BBO to have a game using robots:

When you log on you will see this screen:

Under Featured Areas you will see a heading called "Robot World". I f you click on that it will take you to a screen with a list of competitions on it but further down the page you will see a button that says "Start a game with 3 robots". If you click on that it will set up a game with just you and robots in each of the other playing positions which will look similar to the screen below

You can now click on the "North" position and you will get the menu that you can see in the screenshot above (that appears just to the right of the "North" label) which gives you the option to "Remove & Reserve". When you click on this the "Robot" label disapears and you get a box where you can enter the BBO Username of your partner, as in the screen shown below

When you click OK the North seat will be reserved and the person will receive an invitation to join the table (provided they are also logged in to the BBO site) and once they accept this they will be seated in the North seat and you can start to play (you and your partners vs two robots).