Duplicate at St Anta's

It is very pleasing that the Duplicate sessions on the second Wednesday of each month have beome so popular. However, given the available space at St Anta's, this means that we are now coming up against capacity contraints.

Therefore we will now be working on the basis of a maximum of 7 tables each month. Once we get to 28 entrants, others wishing to play will go on a waiting list and will be able to play if anyone on the main list drops out.

The list of entrant's (and waiting list if any) for the upcoming month's duplicate is displayed below. If you wish to play just email Graham at: gkidson@btinternet.com

Alternatively, you can add your name by using the COMMENTS BOX below. If you do this your name won't appear straight away but will be added at the next update.

ENTRIES FOR 11/03/20

The list of entries for next month is below. Please ensure, if you want to play, that you are on the list. If not, then email Graham (email address above). Likewise, if you are on the list but can no longer play please email Graham ASAP.

If you are down to play it is imperative that you turn up on the day, otherwise it causes disruption and may mean that another member is unable to play.