Below is an explanation of the scoring of a duplicate session at PZ sailing club as given by Geoff to Paddy & Barbara

Hi Paddy, You asked me on Friday about the scoring process. Herewith an attempt at an explanation! This was board 8 on Friday:-

The maximum number of points that can be given on any board is 2 * (n -1) where ’n’ is the number of times that board was played.

So, as the board was played 5 times, the maximum number of points is 8. So, you find the N/S pair with the highest score - Pam and Lorraine - and they are given 8 points. The N/S pair with the next highest score - Lynne and Betty - get 6 points - it always drops by 2 points.

If Pam and Lorraine get 8 points then their opponents MUST get 0 points. If Lynne and Betty get 6 points, then their opponents MUST get 2 points. The total number of points per pair per board will be 8 in this case.

Carrying on down the line, the next highest N/S score is for Julian and Sue who get 4 points. Having exhausted the N/S scores by running down them from highest to lowest, you then run up the E/W scores from lowest to highest and continue to assign N/S points in decreasing values of 2.

So the lowest E/W score was Ron and Diana so their N/S opponents - Lesley and Gillie - get 2 points and finally the best E/W score was for Pam and Dee so N/S Julie and Brenda get 0 points.

The table can then be fully populated because as I said above, the total number of points per pair per board will be 8 in this case.

Now look at board 6

You can see that Pam & Lorraine and Suzannah & I shared top place; we can’t get 8 points each so the points for 1st and 2nd (8 and 6) are added together and divided by 2 to give 7 points each.

If 3 pairs had shared the same top score they would get {(8+6+4)/3} = 6 points each.

So, if we then look at your performance across all boards:-

You will see that at board 8, you got 0 points as reflected in the first ‘picture’ above. If you add up all of the figures in the column “Pts”, the total comes to 60.

As the maximum number of points you could have got at any one board is 8 and there were 15 boards played, you could have got 120 points.

You actually got 60 points so the result is expressed as a %’age - 60 out of 120 = 50%

If we then go back to the initial results screen

All of the figures I have shown above are summarised - you got 60 points out of a maximum of 120 and your score was therefore 50%.

The results are always shown in descending %’age. Note that you and Barbara sat out for one round so for the N/S pairs who played 18 boards, the “Tops" figure in the table above is 144, not 120.

Note that Julie and Brenda, one place below you in the rankings, got 68 points (more than you) but they were judged against a maximum of 144 points as opposed to you being judged against 120 maximum and got a lower %’age.