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Items of interest to members will be posted periodically on this page.


The Duplicate session on 13th November will be in aid of Children In Need and all proceeds will be donated to this worthy cause.

This will be played as part of the national simultanious pairs competition run under the auspices of ECATS (see ).

Please note that if you are taking part in this session you will be unable to play in the session on the same day at Penzance Bridge Club as this will be played using the same boards.

The Club AGM will be hels on Monday 2nd September and will be held after lunch at the Tregenna Castle Hotel

See seperate page for details of the lunch and play on that day. (Posted 15/07/19)

Summer Lunch Party ( Posted 04/05/19)

This will take place on 10/06/19 at the Tregenna Castle Hotel. Please see seperate page for details.




There will be no Bridge on Christmas Eve (24/12/18) but there will be Bridge as usual on New Year's Eve (31/12/18).

Introduction of Hand Analysis tables (Posted 1/12/18)


At the AGM in September the idea of having one table set aside for Hand Analysis was suggested and it is proposed that we implement this in the New Year.


The idea will be to have a post mortem on each hand played to discuss the bidding and whether the optimum contract was arrived at. Hands that are particularly challenging or unusual will be referred to Jim for review. This table will run in addition to the teaching table(s), subject to numbers present, and will be presided over by either Graham, Jane or Roxanne. It will mean that less hands are played at this table but hopefully it will give the members who participate helpful insights that will improve their bidding.


This will be run as an experiment initially and will only continue if members find it helpful and sufficient numbers wish to participate. If this is something that you would like to be involved with, please indicate your interest by using the "Comments Box" at the bottom of the page (your email address will not be displayed). If a lot of members express interest we will rotate people through each week on a first come, first served basis.