Programme of Bridge Lessons

Below is the list of teaching topics it is intended to follow over the coming weeks.

This may be subject to change at short notice so please check back regularly if you are looking for particular lessons.

Please email the teacher indicated next to the lesson if you would like to participate in a lesson on a particular date.


N.B. If many members wish to participate in a particular lesson topic it may be necessary to split this into two sessions on a Monday or carry over the topic to another week.

[R] - Denotes a Revision Topic


6th:  Play Only

13th: Opener's Rebids [R] CANCELLED

20th: Finessing [R]- Geoff Plowman

27th: Opener's Rebids [R]- Jim Barker -


3rd: Play Only 

10th:Responding to Doubles - Jane Ritchie -

17th: Opener's Rebids [R] - Jim Barker -

24th: Opener's Rebids [R] - Jim Barker -


2nd: Play Only

9th: Unblocking [R]- Geoff Plowman

16th: Bridge Quiz - Jim Barker -